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Washing Machines

Washing Machine

Modern washing machines not only take the stress and the strain out of washing by hand but they now have many additional features and functions to make your life easier.

It is important that you choose the right model for you as different models include many different features to give you a helping hand, such as; delay timers, half load, antibacterial washes, crease reduction, and delicate programmes.

Fit type

Where do you want to put your new washing machine? Free standing models can slot underneath your worktops with the front of the machine still visible, however if you do not want the appearance of your kitchen to be changed, it may be worth considering a built in model. These models can be placed behind your kitchen furniture and appear completely hidden from view.

Spin speed

Spin speeds range from 1000rpm – 1800rpm, you can expect to pay a little more for faster spin models. The faster the spin speed the less drying will be required, ideal for saving energy and time.

If you have delicate items of clothing you may want to opt for a variable spin speed model. With these models you can reduce the spin speed to ensure your fragile items don’t get damaged.

Load capacity

The standard load capacity is 5kg however bigger families could go for a 6kg or 7kg load capacity. To put this in real terms, a 5kg load will hold up to about 17 cotton T-shirts, and a 7kg load will hold up to about 25.

It is also worth considering a larger drum size to help reduce creasing. The larger the drum the more space your clothes will have to move around, reducing tangling and creasing. Great if you hate doing the ironing!

Energy ratings

Every appliance carries an industry-standard energy efficiency rating label. The grading runs from A-G, A is the most efficient and best both for your utility bills and the environment.

Why not save more energy by washing at 30°. Many modern machines now have the ability to wash at 30° saving you 40% of the energy used by washing at 40°. This means you can save money and energy without compromising on performance.


There are many useful programmes available to help make doing the laundry less of a chore. Thanks to wash programmes such as ‘quick wash’, ‘delicates’ and ‘hand wash’ you can wash anything from jeans to cashmere jumpers quickly and efficiently.

Timer delay

With this timer you are in control of when your washer begins the cycle. Why not program it to start over night when the electricity is cheaper? Another great way to save yourself some money!


Most manufacturers work to standard sizes. Just for the record, the standard size for washers is 60cm wide by 85cm high. When you're ordering, just check the dimensions to make sure you're buying the right size for you.

Fuzzy logic

Many washing machines include this intelligent technology to monitor the internal environment of the machine. It then adjusts the time the cycle takes, the amount of detergent used, the amount of water needed to rinse and finally the amount of energy used, dependent on the load, to ensure you get maximum results with minimum waste.

Remember that some manufacturers may name this intelligent technology differently, so be careful when you are choosing.


Great for space saving, these machines have all the features of a washer and dryer in one. Most can wash or dry separately, but bear in mind the drying capacity may be less than for washing.

All washer dryers are condenser tumble dryers so they can be placed wherever there is a power supply in your home. There is also no need to fit a ventilation kit, which saves you time and hassle.

We stock one of the largest ranges of kitchen appliances in the UK.

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